Bols/SLob (CZ)

BoLs/sLoB is a project from a 20-year-old Prague born Matěj Dvořák. His show IS called THE SLOB SHOW and it’s a mix of high-octane bangers and atmospheric tracks that are played live, right before your eyes! His use of voice modulation and PC music, glitch, hyper-pop, and post club inspired tracks will definitely lift you up and make you want to to go rave! BoLs/sLoB played already in clubs around Prague and Czech Republic but now he’s coming to Berlin to destroy and conquer! The expression "Blood, sweat and tears..." is in this case literal because you can bet that BoLs will be moving the crowd left, right and center. So come and see it for yourself, it’s going to be a real SLOB SHOW!

When and where?

6.5.2023 23:30 - 00:15
Klub Famu