Drum'n'Rap (CZ)

The newly formed Drum'n'Rap group is composed of three young Prague rappers. It is formed by Matěj "MATO505" Brtan, Kryštof "Chestnut" Kaštánek and Albert "Prince Albert" Bartošek, accompanied by live drummer Dan "Indy_Krindy" Bělohlávek. Following the model of cloud raps, all three mcs first started spreading their work on the Internet. Recently, however, he has been trying to break through by playing in front of a live audience. Each of the rappers has his own style, and the live performances are therefore a showcase of all possible rap branches - from rap metal, to grime, to trap - drummer Dan Bělohlávek also has experience playing in other bands (Show Stacy - punk, Tanyny - electronics) thanks to this, fans of various genres will have fun during the performance.

When and where?

5.5.2023 22:15 - 23:00
Chapeau Rouge Underground (glitter.hit stage)