Edúv Syn (SK)

Matej Myslovič's punk roots are the solid foundation of his trap project Edúv Syn. Instead of typical rap materialistic and ego trip topics, Matej's lyrics deal with his personal views on the world and have no problem admitting failures, imperfections and are not afraid to take a clear opinion on various social problems.

His first album entitled "Karel Gott Was Dead While the Radio Was Playing" received positive reviews from music critics, who also highlighted live, more punk-like, but still rap concerts, often in a joint line-up with other members of KVLT_CREW (FVCK_KVLT, Paris, Žakhéles ) of which Edúv Syn is a part. On his second album, entitled "Mám Červené Oči Lebo Still Plačem", in addition to the beats of his court producer FVCK_KVLT, new names, a different sound and more complex themes and life observations appear, which are an honest commentary on what Edúv Son is experiencing. Vocal and DJ support will be provided by his traditional partner Žakhéles, a rap persona who is more real than reality, whose presence causes light

When and where?

6.5.2023 18:00 - 18:45
Big Shock Stage! (Janáčkovo nábřeží)