Frozen Poppyhead (CZ)

Frozen Poppyhead is a Czech metal band founded in 2017. Its members are singer and lead guitarist Richard Tolkner, vocalist and backing guitarist Alfred Rezek, vocalist and drummer David Halada and bassist Jan Tošer.

Their first single 'Blessing of Doom' was released on 31 July 2017. They later released a lyric video for 'Hectic' and two months later their first music video for Searing Tides was released. Following the release of these songs, the band released their debut album 'The First Furrow' on 1 April 2018, which was recorded and produced by their drummer, David Halada. Later, the band released a music video for the song Falko, which, while heartbreaking, is based on the true story of the band's frontman. In February 2021, the band released its second full-length album called Everfrost, which has exactly 15 songs, to which the band gradually adds video clips.

The group got the opportunity to front the entire Earthquake Tour 2018 dedicated to the Czech big beat legend - Jiří Schelinger. Frozen Poppyhead played two foreign concerts in Germany, one of which was as part of the warm-up event for Wacken Festival 2019 as support for the band Dark Sky Choir. Frouzni also preceded the band Trautenberk Tanzmetal at the sold-out Depo 2015 in Pilsen.

The band is known for their melodic choruses, powerful lyrics, guitar solos and heavy sound. The band considers the chills on your skin while listening to their songs to be their success.

Currently, the band is busy composing new material between live shows.

When and where?

6.5.2023 16:30 - 17:15
Vltava Stage (Střelecký ostrov)