Lovesong Orchestra (CZ)

Music accompanies us throughout our lives. From the birth celebration to the final farewell at the cemetery. Lovesong Orchestra's mission is to be with you wherever you need to entertain, dance or comfort.

We go straight to the point - directly among people, constantly in motion, in maximum contact without barriers. We play wherever there is a need - on a stage and without a stage, in a meadow and in a swimming pool, under windows and from windows, on a flatbed behind a tractor and in a tram.

It sounds best to us entirely acoustically. Compared to the classic stage format, you get a completely new, maximally intense experience. No effects, no styling, just raw, pure music all around you.

We are the Lovesong Orchestra, so we sing exclusively about love. We tell true stories with a happy ending about love in all its forms, whether from our meadows and groves, or perhaps from the Balkans, Spain or Latin America.

The natural vibrations of wind instruments have the magical power to release joyful and positive energy within you. Just a few notes and we'll be dancing together, just a few more notes and we'll be singing together!

With us, you are an integral part of the entire program. We don't serve music for passive consumption - the more actively you get involved, the greater the experience you take home...


We offer the purest music in 100% organic quality without the use of chemical stabilizers, preservatives and allergens. We create our organic sound with our own breath, heartbeat, muscle strength. Our tools are made from pure natural alloys, no animals were harmed or trees felled during production.

When and where?

5.5.2023 16:30 - 17:15
Vltava Stage (Střelecký ostrov)