MARTA - Divadelní recitál (CZ)

The theater recital was created last year for Marta Kubišová's 80th birthday and is full of songs and live music.

Marta Kubišová has an amazing life story behind her, in which there was not a single moment when she turned her back on power and totalitarianism. When did she have to make a compromise or excuse the situation with a hackneyed sentence: "I just wanted to sing, so I signed it...". That never happened. The wives of communist leaders considered her a bewitching witch who destroys the morale of socialist youth. Meanwhile, she went straight home after the show to walk her beloved dogs, and after the second meeting with the men, she felt that it was a serious acquaintance.

The difference between the media image of Marta Kubišová and her civilian life has always been great. If you meet her in person, after a few sentences you will forget that she is such a famous and respected person. You can talk to her about anything. Maybe it's because, as a young and famous actress, she didn't exactly have the highest fees.

It used to be the custom for singers to pay for all their wardrobes themselves, and then they hardly had any food left over. Perhaps her civility also lies in the fact that she had a great insight into singing and never let herself be absorbed by the tinsel. And of course, the twenty years that Marta Kubišová was forced to spend in civilian occupations literally made her a civilian star. Paradoxically, her so-called second career lasted almost thirty years, but she could never make up for the one that was cut short when she was at her peak.

The years that Marta Kubišová spent in dissent were years full of fear, uncertainty and misery, but they also gave her more freedom, valuable friendships and mental development. She is not some mythical fearless woman from the rumors. She is full of worries and can get stressed over little things. It's easy for the current generation to say, "I'll do it the way I feel," but that wasn't the prerogative of people thirty years ago. What sets her apart from her peers is precisely the fact that she behaved this way even during the most difficult normalization. Although she lost many privileges, she nev

When and where?

5.5.2023 18:00 - 18:30
Vltava Stage (Střelecký ostrov)
6.5.2023 14:45 - 15:15
DPP Stage