Minimal Schlager (D)

Blending Italo Disco, Dark Wave and Synth Pop, Minimal Schlager haven't stopped cooking up new songs, releasing their Debut EP Voodoo Eyes with Duchess Box Records in Spring 2021 to critical acclaim spreading from Mexico to Australia. Influenced by dark/dreamy or even oneiric pop music, Minimal Schlager wouldn't feel out of place in a future David Lynch project.

Having recently collaborated on a Christmas single with UK punk rock legend Eddie Argos and Berlin indie favourites Gurr, Minimal Schlager in a short space of time have earned respect from their peers and have had waves of offers for producing, remixing and collaborations.

The performance is supported by the Czech-German Future Fund.


When and where?

6.5.2023 21:15 - 22:00
Rock Café