Nevinnost (CZ)

Nevinnost, a Prague-based DJ and songwriter, has moved from DIY school parties to czech and slovak clubs during the course of six years. She likes to mix industrial club music with ghetto and electro house, happy hardcore, mainstream hits, rap or hyperpop.

Her motto is “There’s no guilt in pleasure” - there’s nothing she despises more than the exclusiveness and elitist environment of the techno-purist collectives. Behind the decks she becomes the girl she always wanted to be - wild, confident and spontaneous - and she will make sure that the crowd will party like never before.

Together with her friend Tasya she used to organize parties and concerts under the name “Lovely”, you could see her perform at Nobodylisten’s Addict raves or as the opening act for Skepta.

When and where?

5.5.2023 03:45 - 05:15
Chapeau Rouge Dancefloor