Šamanovo zboží (CZ)

A musical ensemble of four members transmitting soundwaves of psychedelic and experimental rock, boldly deriving from the classical prog-rock of seventies. That’s a brief description of the Czech band, Šamanovo Zboží, which is right and wrong at the same time. That is because every identification with a musical genre just creates a border which the band feels an urge to destroy by an unpredecent sonic wave, or dissolve in a bath of sensible tones. Their main ingredience is raw guitar rock. Complex compositions in combination with theremin, mellotron, drum pads and wide palet of other sound colors then bend basis into surprising shapes that are mostly spontaniously formed on stage. Šamanovo Zboží likes to improvize and finalize their music during a gig.

Currently, the tribesmen of Šamanovo Zboží are Jakub Novák (lead singer, guitar, theremin), Martin Dytko (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Kamil Tomek (bass, back vocals) and Dominik Bárt (drums, drum pads). These unique musical personalities have collaborated to create the album Čtvrtá polnice, freely paraphrasing apocalyptic prophecy of st. John’s in Book of Revelations. This year you can look forward to many gigs in Czechia and some trips to Poland and Slovakia. Also – new goods are heading to the musical market!

When and where?

5.5.2023 20:30 - 21:45
Klub Famu