Someone (NL/UK)

Someone is the moniker for Dutch/British composer, producer and visual artist Tessa Rose Jackson. Having released her earthy, 70’s folk-inspired debut album “Shapeshifter” in September 2021 to critical acclaim, she is gearing up to release her sophomore album “Owls” in February 2023. Never one to repeat herself, Someone has taken a fresh turn with her new tracks. They evoke a dream- like state with her silky, hypnotic vocal dipping and gliding alongside gently heavy beats and shimmering synthesisers. Intimate and soothing at times, pop-fuelled and ecstatic at others - Someone likes to take her audience on a journey. On stage Someone and her 6 piece band are accompanied by an artistic visual display of her own making that transports the audience and the musicians into a David Lynch-esque world of shadows, secrets and - at the core - utterly human stories.

When and where?

5.5.2023 20:30 - 21:30
Den Evropy Stage (Střelecký ostrov)